Welcome to my blog about all things dog. Let’s cozy up over a cuppa’ something and chat about dog training.  Did you want cream, sugar, or dog hair in that?

New Year and a New Website!

Can you smell fresh paint? I’ve updated my website for the New Year! Let me show you around… In Home Puppy Lessons because Welcoming a new puppy has many challenges. Or consider working one-to-one on the performance skills of your choice…

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Be the Pizza

Glance at the photo to the left. This dog is learning. He is learning through association that grabbing the Pizza box is a great way to get Pizza.  Because it's been successful, it's behavior he's likely to repeat. Not only that, I'm willing to bet this dog will not...

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Just What are You Rewarding???

The cookie your dog just gobbled up increases the likelihood she will repeat a behavior--the behavior she believes earned the cookie.  How do you know which behavior that is?  Ensure that you and she are on the same page by paying attention to the timing and placement...

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Join Me for a Cup of Coffee & some Doggy Thoughts…

Every two weeks or so, I’ll send you a little bit of news or info about dogs and dog training. Expect to learn about fun games that will make your dog easier to live with, or help you to clean up your training.