Hey Rally Friends, We can still train our dogs and improve our Rally skills even if we can’t get together for a class. Let’s have a virtual class! We’ll use compact sequences that can fit into small training spaces (or be stretched further apart if you’re working outside.) We’ll use a variety of on-line resources including my blog, a private Facebook (FB) group, Youtube, email, and whatever else we’ve got.

On Saturdays, I’ll offer you a short sequence of rally exercises. You’ll get a map via email. I’ll post a video with an on-line walk through, and a demonstration of the sequence on the FB Rally-On!-Line private group. You’ll see me with one of my dogs; no promises about how that’ll turn out. <g>  

Next, it’ll be your turn. You’ll have three days to work the sequences, and share questions, training issues, successes, and video. Oh, there may be a pop quiz to sharpen your knowledge about WCRL Rally rules.

Class interaction–comments, questions, videos, suggestions, successes, issues—will be done by commenting on the FB Rally-On!-Line private group, or by sending me email (aabel98@gmail.com ).

On Wednesdays, I’ll respond to your questions and offer tips using FB Live. You can watch live and ask more questions, or watch later at your own convenience.

I’m not a tech guru, and I’m not experienced in front of a camera, so this will be a learning experience for all of us. Are you in? If so, subscribe to my (very infrequent) blog so I can invite you to the FB Rally-On!-Line private group. Use the opt-in form on this page.

If you get some benefit from Rally-On!-Line, let your friends know. If you’re so inclined, you can show appreciation with a donation to Monadnock Humane Society (www.monadnockhumanesociety.org) . Most of all, I hope this will be a fun way that we can keep in touch with each other and maintain our Rally skills. Rally On!

Keep me informed! I want to learn

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