Dog Training in New Hampshire

Can you smell fresh paint? I’ve updated my website for the New Year! Let me show you around…

Puppy Lessons–personalized

Personalized Puppy training to help you start your puppy in New Hampshire

Welcoming a new puppy has many challenges. Ensure success with your pup. My 6-lesson package of personalized puppy lessons will guide you through everything from “how do I get him to stop biting me?” to “how much should I feed him?” through to “how much is too much exercise?” and so much more…  Click here for more about my puppy services

Beginner to Winner–Performance Sports

Rally, Obedience, Musical Freestyle, & Tricks. Dog training lessons for specific skills.

Lessons tailored to your special needs. Are you ring-ready in Rally or Musical Freestyle? Troubleshoot a particular exercise or polish your whole performance. Click here for more about Private Performance lessons

Pack Mentality?

Multi-dog households often have special challenges. Just added a new dog? Or are you tired of the way your pack interacts with each other? Maybe you’d just like to make getting out the door easier? I can help you with that: Amee Multi-dogs

Group Classes in Swanzey, NH

Amee Abel teaches training classes at Monadnock Humane Society

Yes, you can still find me at Monadnock Humane Society. I love teaching classes there. It’s a wonderful space. Our training community at MHS is supportive and welcoming; our classes are diverse. Find out about my MHS class offerings here: Amee at MHS

Explore my new site and tell me what you think. I’m looking forward to training with you in 2019.

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