I am making some tweaks to our format based on the things you said you wanted…
This session runs from May 9-June 13

Look for a new lesson each week that will include:
· Focus on a Skill: including some approaches to training that skill, and a blog or a short video presentation posted on the R-O!-L FB Group.
· A Short Sequence that incorporates this skill at different levels
Every Day:
Opportunity to post your work to the Rally-On!-Line Private Facebook Group and get feedback from your classmates (I can’t promise to look at every post, but I’ll try.)
Wednesdays 2 pm LIVE!
A General Zoom Call Q& A session about the Saturday Lesson: Ask me in-person or email your questions to me. I’ll do my best to answer. The recorded call will be available on the R-O!-L FB Private Group for all members to review when it’s convenient.
Pajama Days:
(Thursdays & Fridays) More time to work on this week’s skills and sequences or to take your improved skills out for a test drive on a USDAA@Home or an AKC Rally® Novice Virtual Pilot Program course.

NEW!!!  Optional:
Small Group on-line lesson via video & Zoom. Direct feedback from Amee $25 per person for 1 hour class. Class limited to 4 students. Weekly sign-up or discounted 5 weeks for $100.   
Sundays at 11 a.m. (May17-June 14)
Thursdays at 7 p.m.  (May 14-June 11)
Other times may be available.
Email AABEL98@gmail.com for more information or to register.

Same old request: If you appreciate my work offering Rally-On!-Line, please consider sending a donation of $10 a month to Monadnock Humane Society, and mention Rally-On!-Line as the reason for the donation! Thank you!

Keep me informed! I want to learn

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