Loki playing Rally by Karen RandallI use “Sit” with my dogs a lot.  This may sound basic, but it’s also dog behavior magic.  It’s the most basic meme in our communication with dogs. It’s the place where human behavior meets dog behavior. I speak or gesture: sit. The dog gestures: butt on the floor.

Sit is often a response; equally, it can be a request. My dog watches me put on my coat and sits, asking if he can come along on my journey. My dog sees plates on the  table and sits at my side. Is there some for him?

We use sit many times throughout the day. Sit, and I will put on your leash. Sit, and I will open the door. Sit, and I will let you out of the car. Sit, and I will give you a treat, or a pat. Sit, and we will walk forward together. Sit, and we will play with your toy. Sit, and I will give you dinner.

Make sure that sit is part of your dog’s vocabulary. And please, tell me how you use sit in daily life with your dog.

Keep me informed! I want to learn

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