Loki’s Page (March 3, 2006-May 10, 2017)

Loki by Karen Randall

Loki photo by Karen Randall, 2013

ARCHMX3 Special Make No Mistake, ThD, TDInc., RLVX, CDX-C, CD, RE, W-FD/MF, CL2-R, CGC, n/e

(CH Special Velvet Teddy Bear x Ch Special No Doubt)

In 2017, my beautiful boy passed away after a sudden decline in health. There was nothing I asked this dog to do that he didn’t try: herding, agility, tracking, rally, obedience, therapy visits, hiking, and dancing!

In 2013, Loki made a school-year’s worth of visits (18 in all) at a local elementary school where students from one of the combined 5/6 grades practiced their reading once-a-week by reading to Loki. More about that elsewhere in the blog.

Special Make No Mistake, CD, RE, THD, CGC

Collies OnLine Brag Ad for Performance Week 2017

  • In 2014, Loki is the first Collie to hold the ARCHMX3 title.
  • In 2013, Loki was included in the top 20 Highest Scoring Dogs in WCRL Rally in the U.S.
  • In 2011, Loki was the first Collie to receive the APDT/World Cynosport Rally title of Rally Master Champion (ARCHMX.) He also holds the AKC Rally Excellent title (RE.)
  • In Competition Obedience, Loki has earned the CDSP Open title (CDX-C) and the AKC Novice title (CD.)
  • In Freestyle, Loki holds a Beginner Musical Freestyle title from the World Canine Freestyle Organization (W-FD/MF.)
  • We’ve even played a little Agility–with Loki holding a CPE Level 2 standard title.
  • He’s earned the AKC Therapy Dog title, the Canine Good Citizen title and has been a registered therapy dog since 2009, first with Delta Society’s Pet Partners Program and currently with Therapy Dogs, Inc.


Loki 2012 Collies online ad copy

An old brag ad we ran in Collies OnLine’s 2012 annual performance week issue.