Start Right!

Your Puppy (6 weeks to 4 months)

Start Your Puppy Right!

4 lesson package — $300

Your puppy is here–Are you ready to:

  • house train your pup?
  • socialize successfully?
  • exercise properly?
  • nourish body and brain?
  • stop problems before they start?
  • prep for performance dog sports?

Puppy Start Right Package

4 lesson package –$300

  • Pre-puppy meeting (if your puppy hasn’t come home yet) to help you get ready.
  • Weekly lessons teach house manners, coming when called, and solve potty training problems.
  • Puppy learns through fun games.
  • Customized weekly action ensures you know what to do.
  • On-line support (up to 15 minutes per week) to troubleshoot  your homework
  • Stops many manners problems before they start.

Successful Potty Trips are Dull

Keep potty trips as dull as possible.

  • Go to the same location every time.
  • Limit the area you give your pup to consider. Stand still with your pup on a leash.  Or make a small (10 x 10) potty yard out of an ex-pen or snow-fence.
  • Repeat the same words. I say “Find a spot.”
  • When the puppy pees, praise her calmly while she peeing, “good puppy. That’s a good spot.”
  • Wait to reach into your pocket for her reward until she is finished, or your movement might distract her. Feed a small yummy treat to celebrate her success.


How to reach me:


based in Keene, New Hampshire.

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Cell: (603) 325-2869
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What My Students Say

Amee helped me get involved with my dog. [Her help] was invaluable. 

Robin Becker

After our first class with you both Michael and I felt we could relate to your style (calm, low key, supportive, knowledgeable, sense of humor) and we liked your interaction with the dogs…We have always been thrilled with the classes we have taken with you. They have never felt stressful – for humans or the dogs.

Diana & Michael Elkavitch

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