CH ARCHEX Special Lookin’ Sharp, PCD, CD-CCH, RA, TDA, BN, CGCA, n/e


Solomon is the Smooth variety of Collie. Like the Rough variety, the Smooths have a double-coat, with a downy undercoat to keep them warm in the winter. Solomon finished his conformation Championship before he was two years old.



Solomon and I compete in Obedience in both the AKC and CDSP venues: In AKC, he has earned both his Beginner Novice (BN) and  Preferred Companion Dog (PCD) titles with placements in all classes; In CDSP, he has earned his Companion Dog Championship (CD-CCH.)

In Rally, we compete more in WCRL than in AKC: So far, he’s earned his AKC Rally Advanced (RA) title. In WCRL, in 2017 he ranked #3 in the Nation for dogs who had earned the ARCHEX title. So proud of that accomplishment!

Solomon finds competition very stressful, so I limit his participation–preferring to seek out activities with him that don’t force him to be in close proximity to crowds.